Looking for a handy weapon that is as powerful as a tactical shotgun? A bullpup shotgun is an answer! A lighter and compact shotgun does not sacrifice accuracy and ballistic potential. Check out our list of the Top 10 Best Bullpup Shotguns of 2022.

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Top 10 Best Bullpup Shotguns 2022

1. TriStar Arms Compact Tactical

TriStar Arms Compact Tactical Bullpup Shotgun | Best Bullpup Shotguns 2022

TriStar Arms is famous for its stylish yet low-cost tactical shotguns. And one of their best offerings when it comes to home defense is the Compact Tactical model.

This bullpup’s action draws inspiration from AK-style Saiga pump action. As a result, they have similar lever safety, paddle magazine release, controls, and reciprocating charging handles.

Despite its 30-inch overall length, this gun is still easy to manage. It is gas-operated and weighs 8.6 lbs. Plus, it comes with a fixed carry handle with adjustable sights and flip-up front and rear sights.

2. Panzer Arms BP12

Panzer Arms is a firearms manufacturer that few shooters may know. But they actually make some awesome guns! And when it comes to bullpup shotguns, shooters have to give the BP12 a chance.

This bullpup shotgun is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed firearm with an affordable price tag. Also, it offers shooters many customization options. It comes with a full Picatinny rail and accessory rails.

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BP12 controls are ambidextrous. Its barrel is coated with chrome to reduce oxidation. It has a synthetic stock with a pistol grip and an all-aluminum receiver.

But, keep in mind that the BP12 tends to be choosy when it comes to the type of ammunition. So, you may have to try out different bullets to determine which works best with this gun.

3. UTAS UTS-15 Bullpup Shotgun

The UTS, or “Ultimate Tactical Shotgun,” is an eye-catching Turkish bullpup. But its pleasing aesthetic is not the only thing it offers.

Designed and engineered with high-quality materials, this is hardwearing but lightweight. It weighs only 6.9 lbs when unloaded.

It provides shooters with a 14+1 capacity of versatile bullpup action. And a top Picatinny rail so you can add sights.

You can get this firearm with an attachable extended barrel, built-in flashlight, or laser.

Its dual magazine tubes sit above the barrel, making the reload quicker and easier.

The UTS-15 feeds from two barrels, and you can choose which one to use through its selector switch. With this, you may use different kinds of shells – a feature that you do not see on regular pump-action shotguns.

4. Rock Island Armory VRBP-100 Bullpup Shotgun

Rock Island Armory is known for its economical pistols that follow the style of 1911. But the manufacturer has also been trying out bullpups and AR-15-looking shotguns. One of the results of their experiments was? The 20-inch VRBP-100!

This 12-gauge, magazine-fed, semi-automatic bullpup shotgun is heavy-duty and comes at a relatively low price. It accepts mobile chokes, has an adjustable stock, and comes with a dust cover.

But, its non-reciprocating charging handle is situated on the front left side, which you can operate using your support hand. But this will be convenient only if you happen to be a right-handed shooter.

5. EAA Corp Husan Arms MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun

EAA Corp has been manufacturing handguns and long guns at affordable prices. And one of their main models is the 12-gauge MKA 1923 bullpup shotgun.

This tactical weapon is designed after IWI Tavor, an Israeli bullpup rifle. Weighing at 9.7 lbs and featuring a 29.5-inch overall length, this firearm is lightweight and maneuverable.

It sports a reinforced nylon stock and comes with rubber butt pads, which help reduce recoil. It also features a topside Picatinny rail, allowing shooters to add optics.

Its trigger guard features a pistol-grip style for easy thumb access. Meanwhile, its capacity is 5+1 rounds.

This bullpup also has detachable box magazines, allowing users to be flexible and carry different shotgun shells. You may chamber this firearm in either 3- or 2.75-inch shots.

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6. Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Bullpup Shotgun

The DP-12 is a bullpup shotgun produced by Standard Manufacturing, a company based in Connecticut.

This firearm is remarkable because it is a bullpup 12-gauge and a double-barreled pump gun. This means that it combines the features of both a pump-action and a double-barreled shotgun.

The DP-12 was designed for the most selective and demanding shooters, as it offers 16 rounds of extreme firepower. This beast can hold 2.75-inch shells fired using a single trigger.

7. ATI Bulldog Bullpup Shotgun

This bullpup 12-gauge was made in Turkey and was introduced in 2020. This firearm can serve a wide range of shooters with its design and features.

If you are a tactical gun user, you will enjoy this gun’s M-LOK and top Picatinny rails and its AR-style charging handle. Meanwhile, you get three interchangeable choke tubes, flip-up sights, and a three-inch chamber if you are an avid shotgun user.

We love the most about the ATI Bulldog because the base of its magazine has a rail system. This allows shooters to slide the magazine onto the bottom of the fore-end, so you can also use it as your forward grip.

8. Smith & Wesson M&P 12 Bullpup Shotgun

Smith & Wesson is famous for manufacturing revolvers, pistols, rifles, and accessories. This is why the M&P 12, the only bullpup shotgun of Smith & Wesson, surprises most shooters.

This pump-action features a bullpup layout with a dual tube design. It sports a 19-inch barrel with an overall length of 27.8 inches.

Also, it accepts standard 2.75-inch, three-inch magnum, and mini-shell loads.

Further, this firearm is convenient for left-handed shooters, as it feeds and ejects from the bottom. It also includes an M-LOK rail and optics mount. Plus, its controls are ambidextrous.

9. Kel-Tec KSG Bullpup Shotgun

Kel-Tec Shotgun’s beefy KSG is perhaps the most well-known bullpup shotgun among shooters. It is the first shotgun from Kel-Tec and was first released in 2011, setting a high standard for bullpups.

This firearm can operate with a wide range of projectiles, and its dual tubes come with a selector switch, which enables a fast reload. This also means that with its 7+7+1 rounds and two feeding boxes, you can have eight rounds of one type of ammunition and seven rounds of another kind!

It is compact and lightweight. You won’t feel that it has an 18.5-inch barrel and a 14+1-round capacity. This makes the KSG perfect for home defense and tactical applications. Additionally, its port ejects empty shells downward, making the gun 100% ambidextrous.

The KSG comes in four models–the standard, tactical, compact, and KSG25.

10. Escort BTS12 Bullpup Shotgun

The Escort BTS12 is another Turkish-made bullpup shotgun. It is manufactured by Hatsan Arms, specializing in airguns and shotguns.

The design and layout of this firearm are similar to ATI Bulldog’s, but this smoothbore bullpup excels in its own way.

This magazine-fed, gas-operated, semi-automatic bullpup shotgun fires 12-gauge shells and comes in two, five, or 10 shotshell capacity.

It minimizes bulk by mounting the inline gas piston design around its barrel. The lower receiver, made of polymer with rubber inlays, also acts as the fore-end grip.

Moreover, this firearm allows shooters to be versatile, as its charging handle is reversible, and its pistol grip is removable.

You may choose from its two colors–black and FDE Cerakote.

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Choosing the best bullpup shotgun might be confusing, with many firearms available. But we hope that we were able to help you find the right one for your shooting needs with this guide.

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Do you think that a bullpup shotgun is perfect for you? What is your go-to firearm? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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