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There are plenty of new cartridges, handgun loads, and shotshells being introduced at SHOT Show 2024. Staff writer Tyler Freel tracked down the new rifle and handgun ammunition that interested him, and executive editor Natalie Krebs rounded up notable new shotshells. Expect more additions to this list as we track them down.

New Rifle Ammo

Federal Fusion Tipped

Federal Fusion ammunition has been a great performer for years, offering a soft-point, bonded bullet that performs well on game and is less expensive than many premium lines of ammunition. This year, Federal is introducing its new Fusion Tipped line, which will bring a similarly-performing bonded bullet, only with a polymer tip designed to reduce drag and improve the ammo’s downrange ballistics and terminal performance by initiating expansion. This ammo will initially be offered in a variety of modern and classic calibers including .300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .30/06, 7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm PRC, and .300 Win. Mag. Those offerings should range between $40 and $80 per box depending on caliber.

Hornady V-Match

Hornady V Match ammo

Hornady has had several cool new bullets and calibers in the past few years, and for 2024, they’re launching the V-Match line of ammo in conjunction with their new .22 ARC cartridge. Varmint hunters have been using the V-Max bullet for decades, but the V-Match applies improved characteristics that are scrutinized to the level of the ELD-Match lineup. It uses bullets that are designed to be deadly on varmints and offer match-grade accuracy. Hornady is initially offering it in five different calibers, ranging from 62 grains to 100 grains. Calibers offered are .22 ARC, 6mm ARC, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

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Remington Premier CuT

Remington CUT ammo

This year Remington is rolling out their line of lead-free premium hunting ammo, the Premier CuT, which stands for Copper Tipped. Not just a play on the periodic table, it features their premium components and a monolithic copper bullet that has a green polymer tip and two relief grooves. All-copper projectiles have come a long way, and bullets like this deliver great terminal performance and penetration with around 95 percent weight retention. Initial offerings are for nine chamberings, spanning 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC, through .308 Win., 7mm-08, 7mm Rem. Mag.,  7mm PRC, and classics like the .270 Win. and .30/06. Eventually a .300 PRC offering is planned. 

Ammo Inc. Hunt Line

We are always on the lookout for diamonds in the rough, and one of the new hunting ammunition lines that caught our eye at SHOT Show 2024 is from Ammo Inc., who’s most notable product of recent years has been their Streak pistol ammo — which has a tracer effect without the burning phosphorus. This year, they’re launching their Hunt line of ammo, which will include three different bullet styles. The Hunt LR will use SST and V-Max bullets, which are designed for hunting predators and medium-sized big game like deer. The Soft Point iteration will use Hornady Interlock bullets, and the Cu line will feature lead-free monolithic copper projectiles. There are still some details to be determined in the lines, and full details on calibers and specific bullet weights aren’t yet published. We always like to see more companies offering hunting ammo, especially after several years of shortages. We look forward to testing this stuff this year.

New Handgun Ammo

CCI Uppercut Defense

CCI uppercut ammo

The market for defensive carry guns and ammunition has never been bigger, and the .22 LR holds a niche segment in that Arena. Federal began catering to those who use the .22 for defensive purposes with it’s Punch 22 ammo and now under the same umbrella, CCI is launching its Uppercut Defense ammo. This purpose-driven ammo features a 32-grain hollowpoint that’s optimized for small handguns, with a muzzle velocity of 950 fps. This round doesn’t bring much muzzle energy to the table, so it has to depend on good bullet performance and optimal penetration. This bullet, which resembles the long-time Stinger line, actually has a thicker copper jacket to prevent barrel leading without needing a coating of wax. That thicker jacket allows the bullet to peel back and expand in an ideal hollowpoint shape while reducing the risk of overpenetration. 

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Staccato 2011 Match 9mm

See It

Staccato 2011 has expanded its market reach tremendously since their rebranding from STI, and they’re now loading their own brand of high quality range and match 9mm ammo. Their match load features a 125-grain Hornady Action Pistol bullet, and has been developed for both excellent accuracy and optimal performance in 2011 pistols. This ammo is loaded by Staccato, right here in the USA, and they’re hanging their hat on it being a top performer for both accuracy and shootability.

Remington Core-Lokt Handgun

Remington Core Lokt Handgun

With handgun hunters in mind, Remington is launching their new Core-Lokt Handgun line this year, in 10mm Auto, .357 Mag., .41. Mag., and .44 Rem. Mag. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different than any other type of jacketed hollowpoint ammunition. In looks, it’s very similar to common defensive bullets., but instead leans into the classic Core-Lokt modus operandi of rapid expansion with good weight retention and penetration through a mechanically fastened core. Where defensive hollowpoints are designed for very specific penetration parameters, this line is designed specifically for hunters. It also features nickel-plated cases to aid smooth cycling in autos and easy ejection in heavy revolvers.

New Shotgun Ammo

Federal Prairie Storm Bismuth Blend

A box of federal upland ammo with a pheasant on it.


  • Hevi bismuth pellets, blended with steel
  • Gauge: 12 gauge (2¾- and 3-inch); 20-gauge
  • Shot size: Available in No. 3 steel / No. 5 bismuth; No. 4 steel / No. 6 Bismuth 
  • MSRP: $45-$48 per box of 25 (12 gauge); $42 per box of 25 (20 gauge)

Federal has taken its much-loved Prairie Storm shotshells, which are currently available in lead or steel, and added a stacked bismuth-steel load to the lineup. At $1.80 per shell (2 ¾ inch 12 gauge), Prairie Storm Bismuth Blend will appeal to bird hunters who need (or want) to shoot a denser non-toxic without paying full-bismuth prices. Hevi bismuth pellets account for 30 percent of the payload, with steel filling out the rest. 

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​​”That percentage of bismuth that we put in there had nothing to do with cost, it had to do with the pattern density,” says Scott Turner, a product line manager for Hevi-Shot. Even so, it’s a an appealing pricepoint that aligns with higher-end steel loads. “What we’re finding is certain areas where people have to use nontox for upland, they want something better than steel but they don’t want to have to pay full price for bismuth. So yes, the steel does help offset the cost.”

Federal Prairie Storm Bismuth will be available in six shot combinations and though it’s not shipping just yet, Federal expects it to be available in time for hunting season. The Minnesota-based company is also adding three new lead loads to the Prairie Storm line with a 2-3/4-inch magnum 12-gauge (1,330 fps) in shot size 4, 5, or 6.

Remington Nitro-Steel Duplex

Remington Nitro-steel duplex


  • Blended shot sizes, available in four shot configurations
  • 3-inch 12-gauge
  • Payload: 1¼ ounce
  • Velocity: 1450 fps
  • Green “stealth” hull for less reflection
  • MSRP: $40 / box of 25

Remington originally introduced the Duplex load back in the 90s and now they’re bringing it back with the Nitro-Steel Duplex. At  $1.60 per shell, these loads are on the pricier side for steel, but in return you get two shot sizes in a single load that are designed for denser patterns and more pellets on target. Big Green also toned down its classic green hull to a dark olive drab to cut down on glare, which should appeal to even the nitpickiest duck hunters. Remington expects to add additional loads and shot sizes like BBx2 and BBx4 next year.

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