Skye Eye Drone


New & Improved 2023 Model

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Undefeated Performance

Stealth aviation built for adventure. Capture in 4K HD from a bird's eye view.

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Quad Blades

The Next Generation Drone

Go further and faster with the BlackLine Mini Drone. With unmatched aviation control and features, the quad-blade drone is the best in its class. Capture full HD videos and 4K pictures from remarkable heights. A vast amount of innovation and technology was poured into simplifying flying and controlling for everyone.

Unlock new paths and discover the world from breathtaking views.


Quad Blades

4K Camera/Video

Compact Stealth Size

Fast & Powerful

Live Footage

Mobile Enhanced

No Limitations

Record & Snap In 4K HD

The SkyEye Drone allows you to shoot like a pro. Capture footage like never before. Breathtaking views and panoramic scenes. Adventure recorded so you can relive and share. Experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Cutting Edge Design and Performance

The quad blade design allows flawless and seamless aviation. A compact and slick composition achieves faster speeds and higher elevations while in total control with advanced controller technology.


The SkyEye Drone can be used to beef up control and security. Take a bird’s eye view and monitor your area without obstructions. Record footage only capable from the sky and asses every situation without restrictions.