Does the Taurus Tx22 live up to the hype? Is it as good as the company claims? Let’s learn more about this pistol below

The Taurus TX22: Impressive or Forgettable

Taurus is arguably the best Latin American gun manufacturer in the region, and they balance quality and overall asking price better than many other American gun makers.

They’ve recently come out with a pistol called the TX22, and we’ve been dying to get our hands on it and squeeze off a few rounds at some targets.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what it can do.

1. Chambering

First off, the Taurus TX22 is chambered for .22 LR rounds.

These are some of the most affordable cartridges in the industry, and they produce very low recoil regardless of the weapon that fires them.

This makes them a perfect beginner’s cartridge.

But even with these aspects, .22 LR rounds are powerful enough to take down small game, such as foxes or prairie dogs.

Ultimately, this means the Taurus TX22 is an ideal self-defense gun and versatile sidearm… at least, so long as the other aspects of the pistol are worthwhile.

2. Size and Features

The Taurus TX22 is about the same size as the 9 mm pistol from Taurus, which is a good thing.

The gun keeps all the features from Taurus’ centerfire sidearms.

The most notable of these is the PTS or Pitt-man Trigger System, which causes the trigger to reset with an assisting spring.

It’s a single-action trigger, but it breaks particularly crisply with about 4.5 pounds pressure.

The audible reset is ideal for letting a shooter know when the gun is ready to fire another round.

Again, this points to the gun being a great choice for showing a new shooter the ropes.

But we also like that the TX22 comes with several safety features, the first of which are optional ambidextrous thumb safeties normally placed at the rear of the gun’s frame.

You can also order the weapon without these.

A trigger safety comes included by default, though the gun lacks the lever safety on the face of the trigger you might be expecting.

Instead, the main safety is hidden inside the trigger mechanism.

The TX22 is a blowback-operated pistol that works in conjunction with its low-power .22 LR cartridges.

Basically, the pistol fires, and the pressure of the recoil spring holds the slide in the battery position until the bullet leaves the barrel.

The slide then automatically moves to the rear to bring up a new cartridge and eject the spent case.

3. Attachments

Want to add some attachments to the pistol?

The Taurus TX22 comes with a threaded muzzle, which will allow you to attach a suppressor adapter collar (so long as you live in a state where suppressors are legal, anyway).

4. Durability and Ease of Use

In terms of overall durability, the TX22 impresses, thanks to its injected molded polymer frame.

As a bonus, this also prevents the pistol from being too heavy while providing fantastic resistance to salt, corrosive damage, and general wear and tear over time.

The grip, too, is bolstered by a textured surface that can help you keep a good grip on the weapon even when your palms are sweaty or wet.

For even more ease-of-use, the aluminum slide is built with dual grasping groups, letting you draw the slide back several different grips or physicians.

The rear sight is adjustable, while the front is large and great for fast target acquisition.

5. Magazine Capacity

Last is the magazine, which comes with a 16 round capacity and is built with the same polymer material as the rest of the pistol.


All in all, the Taurus TX22 impresses in more ways than one.

There aren’t many spots where you’d want to change the gun’s core design.

We hope to see alternative chambering options in the future for those who want higher power if they can handle greater recoil.

As it stands, this is a capable self-defense or beginner pistol that we feel plenty will love without any changes.

What do you think of the Taurus TX22? Are you impressed, or will you pass? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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